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Re: Install report, laptop with USB CD-ROM

[Martin Michlmayr]
> Herbert correctly pointed out that adding the usb-storage module to
> usb-modules implies that usb-modules will have to depend on
> scsi-modules.  I didn't think this would be a problem since
> scsi-modules was part of Marvin's images.  However, it would be good
> if you could comment on this.  Personally, I certainly think
> usb-storage is important since laptops without built-in CD-ROM are
> increasingly common.

Hm, adding that dependency would make it impossible to get USB
keyboards working on the smaller boot floppies.  There isn't room for
the SCSI module udeb on these floppies.  That is not too good.  Should
it go into a separate usb-storage-udeb, to be included on the cdrom
floppy, but skipped on the smaller floppies?

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