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Bug#209286: partitioner: cfdisk is displayed black on black

[Sebastian Ley]
> After finally fixing the dependencies for cfdisk it still does not
> work. Firing up partitioner shows cfdisk black on black. Since I am
> able to quit with "q" I suppose it really is cfdisk I am not seeing...
> This is most probably not a partitioner bug, but I thought this might
> be a good starting point.

I believe this is related to file descriptor redirection.

The menu option to run a shell seem to behave in a similar way, being
executed and accepting input but not displaying any output.

When looking in /proc/#/fd/, I notice that fd 0, 1 and 2 are all
pointing to /dev/console, while fd 4 and 7 are pointing to a pipe, fd
4 and 5 are pointing to /dev/pty/s0, fd 6 is pointing to /dev/tty and
fd 8 is pointing to the disk being partitioned.

Changing /usr/share/partitioner/common.sh to redirect stdout to
/dev/tty solved the problem.  I replaced "cfdisk $DISK" with "cfdisk
$DISK > /dev/tty".  I'm not sure why this worked.

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