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linux 2.4.21 on stable (was: Re: booting 2.4 kernel on old PC)


> Would it be possible that the 2.4 kernel has dropped support for a
> chipset that worked in in the 2.2 kernel?  Should I file a bug report?

Digging on kernel.org I found that this is likely a bug, which was
fixed in the official kernel between 2.4.21pre1 and pre2.  So I want
to try 2.4.21 on my stable system.

There is a debian image for 2.4.21 in testing, but not in stable.  In
addition, the kernel image in testing (but not the source) requires
newer versions of modutils and initrd-tools than are available in

If I don't want to destabilise my stable system by mixing central
packages, my best bet seems to be to fetch kernel-package and build
the kernel-source-2.4.21 from testing on stable.

Would I use kernel-package from stable for that and would that be able
to build the kernel from testing?

Are modutils and initrd-tools likely to be an issue?

Thanks a lot,

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