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Re: Debconf vs. graphical installer

Giuseppe Sacco dijo [Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 04:47:17PM +0200]:
> Il mer, 2003-07-30 alle 13:46, Sebastian Ley ha scritto:
> > * Sebastian Ley wrote:
> > 
> > > here we go to add some discussion on the never ending topic of a
> > > graphical installer. The current implementation of the gtk-frontend
> > > for cdebconf is highly unsatisfactory. Because of the limited debconf
> > > capabilities it is a mere question asker which is not what one would
> > > expect from a graphical installer.
> > 
> > Okay, perhaps I sould elaborate on this a bit more to raise your
> > interest in this topic ;-)
> It is already very intersting for me :-)
> I think that in order to support a more sophisticad interaction we
> should change the interface protocol in order to add/remove more widget.
> This is basically what you pointed out, and I agree on your idea. I do
> not know if storing the widget in an .so is much complicated or if it
> creates a big overhead, but I like it.
> The first step should be to specify what will be the UI manager (text,
> dialog, gtk, ...) and then to choice which widget should be implemented.
> A first (short) list of widgets could be:
> 1. A keyboard selector (that could show the different layout)
> 2. A disk selector (with fidderent icon for different kind of devices)
> 3. A partitioner (where to specify dimension, position, file system for
> every partition)

IMHO, these should be different usages, not widgets. A widget should be
a generic element appliable to different situations. For example, a good
widget for your first and second points could be a list - maybe allowing
for further growth, a collapsable tree (that could be very useful also,
i.e., for navigating the modules list - You don't have to open and close
sets of windows as you do now using either boot-floppies or modconf, you
can expand or collapse branches of the tree). 

About the partitioner... Well... It is harder (for me at least) to think
of a generic widget for managing partitions... I don't like the idea of
having the partitioner mandate a specific widget to be used only for the
specific task, but I also would not like to resort to an external thing
taking care of it, just as cfdisk does in boot-floppies. :-/


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