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Debconf vs. graphical installer


here we go to add some discussion on the never ending topic of a
graphical installer. The current implementation of the gtk-frontend
for cdebconf is highly unsatisfactory. Because of the limited debconf
capabilities it is a mere question asker which is not what one would
expect from a graphical installer.

It does not make sense to offer a graphical installer which is more or
less identical to the newt frontend. We have to discover a way to make
use of the capabilities[1] of a more sophisticated frontend while not
being to intrusive with the current design of d-i.

I had some discussions about that with some people and there were some
vague ideas but until now there was no agreement of how it should be
done. So I would like to raise the discussion here, to collect ideas
and perhaps come to a solution.


[1] callbacks, a graphical partitioner...

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