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Re: d-i and iBooks

Hi Thorsten

What kernel version are you using, are they the same? 
Am Mit, 2003-07-30 um 21.52 schrieb Thorsten Sauter:
> Hi all,
> I have strange problems with the latest cvs checkout of d-i and creating
> a cdrom image.
> If I use the default d-i kernel for ppc's the system boots from cdrom
> and the simply "hang" after initializing of the adb keyboard.
do you see other messages. Sometimes the order of the messages is not
strictly chronological (this happens with usb, adb?). If you see
something like "Unable to open initial console" then probably the unix.o
module was not loaded correctly. (IIRC)
> Using my own kernel (with the same yaboot.conf) options, the system
> boots from cd, load the ramdisk... and then, mysteriously, it boots my
> normal linux system!
> The same happens, if I try to boot with the vmlinux image from [1] (thx
> Gaudenz :-))
Probably /linuxrc on the initrd is not executed or exits before the call
to init. Then it could be, that you default root device set in the
kernel matches your actual root partition or you have a root= option in
your yaboot.conf.
Do you pass the init=/linuxrc kernel option?
> I have compared the files under $cdrom/boot with the files from the
> woody ppc cdrom, all files (except of vmlinux and initrd of course) are
> the same.
They initially came from the woody cdrom. So this is not surprising me. 


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