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d-i and iBooks

Hi all,

I have strange problems with the latest cvs checkout of d-i and creating
a cdrom image.

If I use the default d-i kernel for ppc's the system boots from cdrom
and the simply "hang" after initializing of the adb keyboard.

Using my own kernel (with the same yaboot.conf) options, the system
boots from cd, load the ramdisk... and then, mysteriously, it boots my
normal linux system!
The same happens, if I try to boot with the vmlinux image from [1] (thx
Gaudenz :-))

I have compared the files under $cdrom/boot with the files from the
woody ppc cdrom, all files (except of vmlinux and initrd of course) are
the same.

Any hints?

p.s. The system is booted via the yaboot cdrom-boot option

[1] http://www.soziologie.ch/users/steinlin/d-i/

Thorsten Sauter

				(Is there life after /sbin/halt -p?)

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