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Re: Debconf vs. graphical installer

Il mer, 2003-07-30 alle 17:47, Emile van Bergen ha scritto:
> These are still sufficiently abstract for use on character terminals as
> well as frame buffers, but allow you to build higher level widgets
> (partition selectors) independently from the rendering backend.

This is the point: I think that different rendering backend may be VERY
different and act VERY different. Otherwise you are back at the almost
ask/answer machine (cdebconf),

If you give low level functions available to d-i submodules than the
complete UI should be managed in the (let's say) "partition" submodule,
while the point is to let the partition submodule abstract from the UI
and act like this

if (load(guimodule))
   cdebconf fallback

I like this idea but I am very new to the installer, so take it as a


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