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Re: reiser support in debian-installer

* Alastair McKinstry 


| (2) A reiserfsprogs udeb, (built from the reiserfsprogs package, I
| presume) that provides /sbin/mkfs.reiserfs. (I know that the reiserfs
| version is actually called mkreiserfs, but the name is important)
| This shoulde then depend on (1).


We are also looking for a good way to have the various mkfs-es provide
som progress output to use for the progress bar.  Basically, what we
need to do is come up with some common, easy-to-parse format which can
then be massaged and fed to cdebconf.  Currently, we display a blue
screen while the mkfs is running and this is clearly unacceptable when
a full mkfs may take many minutes.

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