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Re: reiser support in debian-installer

* Alastair McKinstry wrote:

> (2) A reiserfsprogs udeb, (built from the reiserfsprogs package, I
> presume) that provides /sbin/mkfs.reiserfs. (I know that the reiserfs
> version is actually called mkreiserfs, but the name is important)
> This shoulde then depend on (1).

I am preparing a patch for recent reiserfsprogs to create two
udebs. One which only contain mkreiserfs and the above symlink, and
another which contains all the user space tools (e.g. for a rescue

Is it okay to make the mkreiserfs-udeb priority standard, to have it
pulled in automatically? I'd say reiserfs is so popular that it should
be a standard choice without having to select a module in anna first.


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