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Re: Can't mkinitrd on chroot system

On Fri, Jun 20, 2003 at 12:55:23PM -0700, Ross Boylan wrote:
> I have been (mostly) following the instructions in section 3.7 of the
> woody installation manual to bootstrap a Debian system from a RH one.
> However, I have run into a problem.  I tried to install a kernel
> (2.4.18-k7) and it needed an initrd.  The mkinitrd fails with a
> complaint that it can't determine the root filesystem.  Immediately
> before this awk complains "cannot open /proc/filesystems (no such file
> or directory).
> I think what's going on is that, because I'm running chroot, /proc is
> not accessible.

You need to mount /proc under the chroot, as it mentions just before
configure the keyboard.
> I mention this first, in case it might be relevant to the new
> installation procedures.  Second, what can I do to get around this
> problem?
> I can not boot into the system without chroot because I can't run lilo
> successfully because the initrd file is empty (I think).  So I'm stuck. 
> I suppose I could try a non initrd kernel, but I'm not exactly sure how
> far back I need to go.

I think mounting proc will help.

> Note that I did depart from the woody procedure by updating my
> sources.list to testing shortly after the initial base system install. 
> This is why I'm seeing newer kernels.  I also edited fstab and did mount
> -a (several times getting it right).

Maybe the proc line is incorrect in fstab, since it's not mounted.

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