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No ethernet

I bootstrapped a Debian system from a RH one.  The initial bootstrap
was with woody, then I changed apt to use testing and got a 2.4.18
kernel (k7 variety).

The first time I booted into the new system I didn't seem to have any
ethernet card (I was working before in a RH chroot environment).
ifconfig didn't mention it, and ifup didn't help.

I'm not entirely sure where I should start looking for the cause of
this problem.  My first suspicion was that the card (on onboard 3 Com
950, I think) was too new to be supported; at any rate I saw no
obvious drivers to load in the relevant lib dir (it's not, e.g., a

Then I wondered if I just needed to list the driver in my insmod file.

Then I wondered if I was looking in the right place.

dmesg showed no obvious ethernet card related messages.

Any suggestions?


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