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Re: Boot problems

ons 2003-06-18 klockan 23.44 skrev HARDIN,PAUL D (HP-Corvallis,ex1):
> 	5. I as for an install of basic system and get the following
> message:
> P:0 100 Downloading Release file
> I: Retrieving file:///cdrom/dists/Sarge/Release
> Segmentation Fault
> Base installer's postinst exited with status 35584
> Installer[48]: Lowering debconfpriority limit

This is an incompatability issue between debootstrap (which is what's
installing base) and the ash shell in busybox-cvs. You can work around
it by installing 'dash-udeb' from anna (the "load installer modules"

FYI, we're not even in beta yet, so if you want a working sarge system,
it's better to install woody and then dist-upgrade

> PS: I am a software engineer and have administrated large networks of HP-UX
> and Sparc stations before, so I can deal with a fairly high level of
> technical information. (thanks again)

In that case, I'm curious what your impression of the installer (except
for the segfault :) is. Any input is good input. :)

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