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Boot problems


I am trying to get the SARGE release loaded on a machine with a new, wiped
disk and having problems.

The SARGE implementation is the ISO image set of 9 cds. With no DOS
directory or OS loaded I am using the text based installer.

Machine is an old Dell Optiplex GXa Pentium2 266 and has a disk running RH
8.0 that I have to pull out to try and load Debian. (Only one drive slot.)

	1. Standard US entries for Language and Keyboard.
	2. Load installer modules
	3. 3 partitions on the disk: /boot (from 1 to ~100 MB of type
Linux), swap (from ~100 - ~1.5GB of type Linux Swap), and / (rest of disk of
type Linux)
	4. I added file systems to the /boot and / partitions of type ext2.
	5. I as for an install of basic system and get the following

P:0 100 Downloading Release file
I: Retrieving file:///cdrom/dists/Sarge/Release
Segmentation Fault
Base installer's postinst exited with status 35584
Installer[48]: Lowering debconfpriority limit

Can you help me with this?

Thanks in advance,

Paul Hardin

PS: I am a software engineer and have administrated large networks of HP-UX
and Sparc stations before, so I can deal with a fairly high level of
technical information. (thanks again)

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