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2003-06-17 installation failure report

Machine: powerpc (PowerBook G4)
distribution: sarge
type: net
mirror: http://sunsite.cnlab-switch.ch/ftp/mirror/debian
- mac-fdisk (no udeb see  #188420)
- partitioner (script for powerpc, see #194590)
- udpkg (wrong output of --print-architecture, see #194933)

Problems (not already reported):

1. if you do not partition your hard drive (because it is 
   already partitioned) "Partition your hard drive" is 
   sometimes the default menu item when it should not be.
   (eg. after base-installer). Partitioning should be
   non-default after file system setup.

2. yaboot installer does not work. It tries to call /usr/sbin/yabootconfig 
   which is not there. It should either call /target/usr/sbin/yabootconfig
   or we have to copy yabootconfig into the installer root or depend on 

3. yaboot installer does not depend on kernel-installer. Don't we need a 
   kernel for booting? ;-)

4. after base-installer /target/etc/fstab was not set up

5. There was no menu item for kernel-chooser. Kernel-installer faild 
   because there was no "default kernel".

Resolved Problems:

6. debootstrap segfaults.
   works with dash-udeb, still prints "retrying faild download 3x times"
   for each package

Problems already reported (pro memoria):

7. mkfs.ext2 and mkfs.ext3 are files of size 0 instead of links 
   to mke2fs. Deleting these files and creating links made partconf 
   work -> busybox tar bug? Is there a bug-report about this?

8. partconf does not call swapoff nor unmount partitions when called
   again. So if your configuration partially faild and you have to
   reinvoke partconf, you have to do this manually first.

- gaudenz

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