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Re: Suggestions needed for gtk frontend for cdebconf

On Thu, Jun 12, 2003 at 10:28:43PM +0200, Sebastian Ley wrote:
> Against libdirectfb:
> - vt switching not supported. This is only for the moment, I just
>   recieved word, that it is supported in the cvs version

i ask for support a long time ago but had no time to write a patch.

> - does not (yet?) support vga16fb 

why should it not support vga16fb? it uses plain fb devices and look on
the accelerator id for additional things.

> Against X:
> - larger than libdirectfb (is this true?)

/usr/lib/libdirectfb-0.9.so.18.0.0: 228kb
/usr/lib/directfb-0.9.18/inputdrivers/libdirectfb_keyboard.so: 10kb
/usr/lib/directfb-0.9.18/inputdrivers/libdirectfb_ps2mouse.so: 10kb
/usr/lib/directfb-0.9.18/inputdrivers/libdirectfb_serialmouse.so: 9kb

/usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86: 1500kb

seems a little bit different


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