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Re: Suggestions needed for gtk frontend for cdebconf

* Thomas Viehmann wrote:

> (But as Sebastian points out, a mini-X-Server might be preferred.)

I am still looking for killer arguments for/against one of the two
solutions: X server vs. libdirectfb.

If I might start:

For libdirectfb:
- small
- easy to setup
- very actively maintained
- fast
- already packaged

Against libdirectfb:
- vt switching not supported. This is only for the moment, I just
  recieved word, that it is supported in the cvs version
- gtk terminal widgets do not work with gtk-directfb
- does not (yet?) support vga16fb 

For X:
- Most versatile
- terminal widgets work with X
- should work with any fb device (espacially vga16fb)

Against X:
- larger than libdirectfb (is this true?)
- slower (my impression)
- crashed when switching vts (only in my case?)
- more difficult to configure (is this true?)

Please add to this list and state your opinions what the better of the
two solutions might be.


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