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Re: Suggestions needed for gtk frontend for cdebconf

My apologies for writing German.
Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> Sebastian Ley wrote:
>>libdirectfb does not support vt switching, so I searched for a possibility
>>to use a graphical terminal. There are terminal widgets for gtk (vte, zvt)
>>but they require the X target of gtk, so they will only work with an X
> 1. zvt ist kleiner (ist ja auch erklärtes Ziel).
1. zvt is smaller (which it aims to be)
> 2. a. In zvt scheint X für Text-Ausgabe benutzt zu werden.
2.a. In zvt the primary direct usage of X seems to be for text output.
>    b. Eventuell könnte man das durch directfb-Routinen ersetzen.
  b. Maybe one could replace that by directfb calls.
> Wenn Du immer noch suchst, würde ich mir mal 2b angucken.
If this is still the direction, I'd look at 2b.
(But as Sebastian points out, a mini-X-Server might be preferred.)

Cheers+ Sorry again


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