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Bug#196033: No _meaningful_ feedback when debootstrap fails

[Peter Hawkins]
> I'm using the 'newt' frontend of debian-installer when
> installing. If debootstrap fails, the message that the frontend
> displays does not contain enough information to track down the
> problem (one has to go grubbing through
> /target/var/log/debootstrap*.log).

I agree that it would be nice to get more meaningfull error messages
when base-config fails.  I'm not sure if extracts from log is the best
message to display to new users.

At least it is displaying some error message now.  Earlier, it would
just silently fail. :)

> Is it possible to display the debootstrap log file(s) via the
> front-end when debootstrap fails?

Not as far as I know.  I would need some way to insert multiple lines
into a debconf template to do that.

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