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Difficulty with sarge

I have been experimenting with a number of Linux looking for one to try using for a while.  I decided to try to load sarge based on the look and feel of Morphix, as Morphix is based on Debian. 
In the install I get as far as #4 (load installer modules) in the Debian Installer Main Menu.
I go with the default 1) fetch modules from CDROM.  The next list starts at 3.  Is this correct?  I have tried not selecting any modules and I tried to figure out what modules I really needed and I tried selection all of the modules.  What I get is a "Failed to retrieve installer module.  Retrieving the module zlib1g-wdeb failed for unknown reasons."
I tried to find a document that would give me direction as to what I should select but could not.
Now the software did request a TLAN driver but since I don't have such a driver and I am not certain how to acquire such an animal I ignored the error, especially as I was trying a CD install.
I have run the check on the sarge CDs to confirm that they are correct.
Thanks for any help you can provide.
John Warner
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