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Re: Another installation failure report

ons 2003-06-04 klockan 06.31 skrev Peter Hawkins:
> Hi...
> On Tue, 3 Jun 2003 10:39 pm, Martin Sjögren wrote:
> > Yes. A future project of mine is to change that question so that
> > packages with priority standard will appear in the list too, with
> > checked boxes. But this question will most likely be asked at priority
> > low, as only a nitpicker should need to answer it.
> >
> Try the attached patch. It works with the exception that for some reason 
> debconf doesn't prompt for the question the first time this code is run. Any 
> idea why? What have I missed to make this happen?

A bug in cdebconf. If you increase the buffer size in
question_get_field() (question.c) it works fine. Denis, didn't you write
that code? Any ideas for how to improve it short of increasing the
buffer size?

There are a few issues with the patch:
1. It asks about too many packages. Packages that are already installed
should definitely not be in the list at all.
2. We should probably still have a case of packages that always get
installed. Priority 'required' perhaps?
3. It didn't install all packages that were marked selected. I haven't
looked closer at the code so I don't know if this is another issue with
long strings in cdebconf, or if you simply forgot to do something in

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