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Re: Problem Booting Install CD

#include <hallo.h>
* Chris Tillman [Mon, Jun 02 2003, 05:58:47PM]:

> > In case you need more info, my system is a Dell
> > Dimension 8250 w/ 2.8 gHz P4 processor, 512 MB RAM,
> > 112 GB HD, ATI Radeon 9700 Pro video adapter w/128 MB
> > RAM, a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card, and an 18"
> > Dell 1800FP LCD monitor plugged into the DVI video
> > output jack.
> Does the wireless device run on the USB bus internally? Some USB
> keyboards which fail when booting will work after the boot is
> complete, I believe the advice is to try a standard keyboard for the
> boot and then switch.

There is USB keyboard support in the bf2.4 flavor, just try to boot with

On the other hand, I had similar problems with a Logitech wireless
keyboard with kernel versions up to 2.4.17. Pressing some keys
simultaneously or just too fast made getty hang for 10..60 seconds.

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