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Another installation failure report


I thought I'd add my installation failure report for today too:
After much screwing around (ie. creating my own local archive of udebs and 
base packages, d-i does not play well with apt-cacher btw), I finally almost 
got d-i to install debian.

Installing using the 'netboot' image, from a grub floppy with netboot/tftp 
support built in. Current debian-installer cvs, deb/udeb packages fetched off 
a mirror very recently.

* Isn't it a bit odd to prompt for the debconf priority before prompting for 
the language? How can I read the debconf priority prompt if I don't speak 
english? The first prompt should be the language prompt.
* I'm using the newt frontend. It works pretty well most of the time. I still 
haven't figured out how you get the cursor onto the 'go back' button in many 
of dialog boxes.
* Hardware detection is broken. I'm using discover2 debs hacked into the 
build, but naturally hw-detect doesn't talk to discover2 properly anyway.
* When doing the 'loading installer modules' stage, even though I select 
nothing in the list, a lot of module that i really don't need are loaded. I 
really don't need,eg. the irda kernel modules for an install. Not even a 
little bit. Is this because they are of Priority: standard or something?
* fdisk is not user friendly. cfdisk is in the image, so why didn't the 
installer use it instead of fdisk in the 'Partition a hard disk'? Why instead 
is it in 'Partition a hard disk (OLD)'? Can we kill one or both from the 
installer image?
* Debootstrap doesn't actually appear to output its progress via the frontend 
yet, it's just showing a bunch of I: and P: messages on stdout, which is less 
than pretty.
* Debootstrap failed because console-tools depends on libconsole, which 
doesn't exist (#195766). Unfortunately, the front-end didn't print this 
information out for me - I had to go grubbing in the log file myself. It 
might be good if we could display the error log for the user on debootstrap 
failure, or something like that.
* If I execute a shell from the installer menu, once I exit the shell for some 
reason the vga framebuffer module is loaded, which is actually really 
annoying (it screws up the screen). It isn't loaded by default - why does 
closing a shell load it?

Other than these issues, I made it impressively close to an installed system 
(closest I've ever got, normally things have kept dieing in the partitioning 


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