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Re: Install report (2003-04-30)

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> writes:

>> I hope you're not proposing defaulting debian to some kind of
>> kudzu-like auto-detect-hw-on-boot thing. If so, I have about 5 acres
>> of urls to stories of that failing to dig up and post here.
> Please tell your stories.  I am talking about installing the discover
> package by default.  I have only positive experiences with this, so it
> will be interesting to hear about your problems.

A generic problem I had with kudzu on RedHat systems is that its probing
of serial ports caused my braille display to hang completely.  It needed
a hardware reset to be useable again afterwards.  This phenomenon is known
for some different models.

I don't know if discover does serial probing, but this is just
an example why I (too) think that this is no good approach.


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