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Re: Making d-i Not Suck

> Similarly a possible terminfo-udeb, for remote installs; we currently
> build a subset (ansi,vt100, ..) of terminfo data on the rootskel;
> suboptimal if you are remote-installing on a different terminal. Imagine
> a terminfo-udeb; if [something] spots TERM that is not supported, it
> should request a terminfo-udeb, and automatically fix it.

Supporting other "terminals"  then ansi and vt100 can indeed be done in d-i.
However IMHO it doesn't make sense.
Most terminalprogramms can easy be configured to emulate an other terminal.
Or when not, then take another terminal programm at the non d-i side.

Formatting screen output with terminfo data
is an other kind of problem then a floppy disk image that has to provide
an driver for the next driver such as harddisk driver or NIC driver.

So take a different approach to handle it.

Geert Stappers

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