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Re: Using debian/po and intltool-merge for translating the package descriptions

On Fri, Mar 21, 2003 at 12:34:28AM +0100, Denis Barbier wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 07:08:00PM +0100, Martin Sjögren wrote:
> > (CC:ed to grisu too since it's related to the ddtp)
> > 
> > Just to see if it worked, I added 'control' to anna's po/POTFILES.in and
> > changed
> > 
> > Description: Load installer modules
> > 
> > to
> > 
> > _Description: Load installer modules
> > 
> > yup, debconf-updatepo picks up the package description, and when I
> > translated it into Swedish and ran
> > 
> > intltool-merge -u -r po control /tmp/test-control
> > 
> > I did get a nice
> > 
> > Description-sv: Ladda installationsmoduler
> > 
> > (since I used /usr/bin/intltool-merge I got -sv instead of -sv.UTF-8,
> > either way works for me, libd-i just has to parse it correctly)
> You could run po2debconf instead, which is essentially a wrapper script
> around intltool-merge.

So, po2debconf works for package descriptions ? It's really a po2rfc822 ?
Nice to hear!

> > Is this something we want to use? It's really nice to have everything in
> > the same po file, and nice for translators that rather work in their
> > favourite character set instead of utf-8.
> I concur.
> Are localized fields harmless in control files?

Yup, same question here. Does udpkg handle those files? 

But also, will those descriptions be presented to the users during the
installation (in which case I think udpkg should handle this) or not (in
which case the code to handle this may be unneeded).

Thanks, Mt.

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