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Re: Please help me make the .template files for Debian CDs smaller

On Fri, Mar 21, 2003 at 02:31:37AM +0100, Richard Atterer wrote:
> Hello,
> many of the floppy images on the FTP server currently start with 1k or more
> of zero bytes. This is bad for jigdo. Would it be possible to write a
> couple of random bytes somewhere in the first 1k of each image?
> "Random" can be anything which makes the images differ from each other in
> the first 1k - literally random data, a timestamp, or similar.
> This is necessary because of inherent properties of the algorithm that 
> jigdo-file uses to find all the files inside the CD image. Currently, the 
> 1k of zeroes prevents the floppy images from being found, so they end up in 
> the .template data.
> I noticed that /some/ floppy images contain data in their first 1k. It's 
> not necessary to change these, just the all-zeroes ones cause problems.
> Would it be a lot of work to arrange this? You'd do me a great favour!

Those seem to be the rescue.bin files. I wouldn't be surprised if the
0's are associated with the boot block, since they are bootable


Chris Tillman
- Linux Rox -

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