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Re: m68k, debian-installer, and DevFS

[Wouter Verhelst]
> As some of you are already aware, there's a problem wrt m68k in that
> there's no decent 2.4 kernel for m68k yet. As such, creating an m68k
> debian-installer image that actually works is a bit problematic right
> now, since debian-installer depends on DevFS quite a lot, while DevFS
> will only be found in 2.4-kernels.

It is good to see someone working on the non-i386 ports of d-i.  It is
really needed.  How hard is it to get 2.4 kernels working in m68k?
Why is it not done yet?  It has been a while since 2.4 arrived.

> To work around this issue, I've been thinking of emulating DevFS in
> user space (with some tricks that involve /etc/modules.conf, for
> those interested). However, as I'm not going to implement every
> possible piece of hardware 'out there', I'd like to know what
> hardware debian-installer searches for, and only implement
> that. This will obviously include hard disks and their partitions,
> but what more?

I believe autopartkit/libpartedq uses /dev/discs/*.  I have no idea
what the different parts of d-i needs in /dev/.

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