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Re: m68k, debian-installer, and DevFS

On Sat, Mar 01, 2003 at 12:16:09AM +0100, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Wouter Verhelst]
> > As some of you are already aware, there's a problem wrt m68k in that
> > there's no decent 2.4 kernel for m68k yet. As such, creating an m68k
> > debian-installer image that actually works is a bit problematic right
> > now, since debian-installer depends on DevFS quite a lot, while DevFS
> > will only be found in 2.4-kernels.
> It is good to see someone working on the non-i386 ports of d-i.  It is
> really needed.  How hard is it to get 2.4 kernels working in m68k?
> Why is it not done yet?  It has been a while since 2.4 arrived.

There are not too many people working on linux-2.4 for m68k. We might be
able to get 2.4 kernels build for most supported m68k arches, but my
experience on an amiga was, that they are not as stable as 2.2.20 kernels.
I last tried with 2.4.18, maybe the situation has improved, or maybe not. We
might have enough m68k buildds for the moment, but we do not have enough
m68k maintainers that also have time for kernel hacking. And then I don't
know of any (working?) atari that we could test new kernel-images on.

But you are right, we should get 2.4 working instead of hacking devfs into
or out of d-i... any volunteers?


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