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Re: Testing netinstall and others


On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 07:14:47AM +0000, Klaus Imgrund wrote:

> I found my problem with the bf2.4 iso.  I thought about trying it from
> hd with chroot and actually looked at the cd for the first time.
> There are only 11 mb on the cd - iso is 38mb.  I did burn it with k3b
> and then tried with cdrecord.  They both show me that they burn 38 mb
> but there is only 11 mb on the cd.  When I burn the boot.iso it works
> fine.  Can somebody enlighten me here,please?

How did you count the number of bytes on the CD? du -k, or 
wc -c </dev/cdrom? Only the latter number is really comparable to size
of the ISO image. You can ignore the input/output error you'll get.



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