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Re: netinst failed to install with bochs

tis 2003-02-25 klockan 21.00 skrev Andre L.:
> Which package should I file bug reports on for the netinst image?

Preferrably the "guilty" udeb ;) but if you don't know, just file them
on "install".

> The first problem I had was getting the slang interface
> working.  I don't know if this is even possible yet from the
> netinst CD.  It should be the default.  I also noticed
> the first screen talked about booting into kernel 2.2.20,
> but it actually seems to wind up in 2.4.19.

I don't know if the slang frontend has been added to the package lists
yet. I would of course like my newt frontend to be the default instead.

The kernel thing sounds weird... Are you sure you're not confusing it
with SYSLINUX 2.00? Rest assured though, it IS a 2.4.19 kernel. :)

> After the base system installed from CD, Bochs paniced with
> "cdrom: read_block: read returned -1"; this may be a bug in
> Bochs not the installer.  I told Bochs to continue after the
> panic, and got back to the installer menu.

Uh, sounds weird...

> All of entries 14-16 (install kernel, LILO, Grub
> respectively) failed to work for me -- in each case the
> installer tried to get the package by HTTP instead of from
> the CD image.  I realize it's a netinst CD and only a weirdo
> would try to install from it without the network.  But how
> come the rest of the base packages are on it, but not the
> kernel and bootloader?

Because netinst only has d-i and base on them... We should talk to the
debian-cd team about including the necessary things for kernel-installer
included too, and probably grub as well, so the netinst CD can be used
for everything until the reboot...

Thanks for your comments!


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