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ext3 problems

I recently installed from tfheen's netinst floppy successfully on a
dell c610 laptop. 

Unfortunately, I selected ext3 the first time for my file
system. Apparently the kernel on the floppy doesn't have ext3 support,
and as a result the lilo postinst failed, and upon first boot, the
root partition could not be mounted. 

As a workaround, I installed with ext2, but we need to fix this. 

Also, I don't think that the list of extra packages to install should
be part of the default priority level. That's the only really
bewildering thing to your average person in the default install. 

thanks and great work everyone!


michael cardenas       | lead software engineer, lindows.com
hyperpoem.net          | GNU/Linux software developer
people.debian.org/~mbc | encrypted email preferred

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