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modcont-file and its generation

Hi folks!

Could anybody tell me what the modcont file should contain exactly (or point me to documentation)?

I think that the part of kernel.sh of boot-floppies-3.0.24 that generates it doesn´t work as it should, but before I file a bug I would like to know what should be in the modcont file.

My actual problem:
My first line of the generated modcont looks like the following:

dir_content_kernel="boot control.tar.gz data.tar.gz debian-binary kernel-image-2.4.20-bf2.4raid_2.4.20bes_i386.deb lib usr "

This was done with the following script (which is derived from btf/kernel.sh of boot-floppies 3.0.24): $subarch="", $extractdir is the directory in which the kernel-image was unarred and data.tar.gz ungztarred (the original file ist still there and shows):

info "creating module contents file, 'modcont$subarch'"
(cd $extractdir;
    for i in lib/modules/*/*; do
        if [ -d  $i ]; then
            echo -n "dir_content_`basename $i`=\"";
            for j in $i/*.o; do
                echo -n `basename $j .o` " " ;
            done ;
            echo \" ;
        fi ;
) > modcont$subarch

The next (pcmcia) line looks right:

dir_content_pcmcia="3c574_cs 3c589_cs aha152x_cs aironet4500_cs axnet_cs com20020_cs ds fdomain_cs fmvj18x_cs i82092 i82365 ibmtr_cs netwave_cs nmclan_cs nsp_cs pcmcia_core pcnet_cs qlogic_cs ray_cs serial_cs smc91c92_cs synclink_cs tcic wavelan_cs xirc2ps_cs xircom_cb xircom_tulip_cb yenta_socket "

The difference is that in the pcmcia directory, there are only direct links to module object files, while in the kernel directory, there are only subdirs.

Thanks, Norman.

Norman Schmidt          Institut für Physikal. u. Theoret. Chemie
cand. chem.             Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet
schmidt@naa.net         Erlangen-Nuernberg

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