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I've just installed Debian on a Toshiba Libretto 50CT. It's the first
time I've installed Debian on any system, and I've very impressed by
the flexibility of the install system.

However I think I stumbled on some sort of problem with the PCMCIA support.

Linux can't use the Libretto's floppy, so I was booting from images on the
Windows filesystem using boot.bat, and using drivers.tgz as a source of
drivers, before completing the install using HTTP.

Simply using the installer interface, the PCMCIA initialisation stage
failed every time -- I tried this with all the flavours of boot image.

In the end, and for no rational reason, I untarred drivers.tgz into
/target/mods, and blithely ran install.sh from the archive, not really knowing
what it did. After doing that, the PCMCIA initialisation worked first time, and
I could complete the install with no further problems.

Hope this is useful,


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