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Re: SV: loop: can't get info on device

#include <hallo.h>
* Emile van Bergen [Fri, Feb 21 2003, 09:47:25AM]:

> > I found a spot in boot-floppies where this could happen, and added a
> > check. I think this will have to wait for r3 though.  Do you see any
> > possible workarounds in the find_unused_loop_device() code in
> > losetup.c?
> Yes, don't try extracting the kernel more than 7 times (assuming
> del_loop doesn't get called appropriately) ;-)

Heh? IIRC this is dead code, I replaced loop-device operations with
direct losetup calls during the Woody freeze because of unexplainable
problems with our functions.

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