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Re: gtk frontend status report

Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> wrote:

> > I've finally managed to build, but not test, udebs for glib,
> > pango, and gtk+-directfb.

> We are probably not going to have a floppy image from them (which
> will involve having PIC packages for each library package, which is
> a big burden) and if we are not going to need to fit on a floppy,
> what is the point of making a udeb for ?

No, there is no way that they will fit on the floppy image. I tried to
make pic files for all of them and reduce them by mklibs simultanously
but that did not work out.

But there is still need for the udebs. I am basically thinking of two

1) Net Install: After finishing setting up your network, the libraries
are pulled in by anna and the frontend can be changed.

2) CD Install: The Disk Image on CD automatically detects the CD Rom
drive and sets up anna to pull in the libraries without further user
interaction. IMHO this would be the interesting thing for the
debian-desktop project.

Since anna only handles udebs and the initial ramdisk is limited there
is a need to package the prerequisite libraries into udebs.


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