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Re: i18n requires setlocale

[Martin Quinson]
> The problem of using gettext in debconf is that gettext wants the
> catalogs to be installed before used, and that debconf is used
> before the installation of the package (obviously).
> As long as this problem is not solved, it seems impossible to use
> gettext in debconf.

Well, it should be possible to fix gettext.  When I talk about using
gettext, I mean we should use the gettext API, and keep translations
in .po files.  I do not really care if we use the gettext library, or
if it is better to write a simpler library with a compatible subset of
the API.  I suspect it is less work to fix the gettext library to fit
our needs, instead of making "yet another gettext clone". :-)

> The purpose of po-debconf is somehow different: it focus on how the
> translations are manipulated by the translators and the developer in
> the source package. They are remplacement/modifications for the
> debconf-getlang, debconf-mergelang tools.

This is absolutely a step in the right direction.  There are much more
tools available to manipulate .po files, and available for other
translations formats.

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