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Re: i18n requires setlocale

[Martin Sjögren]
> I've been thinking the same thing. However, the i18n support is pretty
> hazy as it is:
> * main-menu asks debconf for debian-installer/language which afaict
>   doesn't exist. IMO it would be better if the thing that asked for
>   debian-installer/language first, sets LANG=$language after that,
>   so setlocale can be used.

I would like to rename the debconf answer from
debian-installer/language to debian-installer/locale, and store a real
locale name (ll_CC) there.  This way, we can actually use LANG=$locale
after generating the required locale data file.  We can also pass the
content in /target/root/dbootstrap_settings as LANG_INST=$locale to
tell base-config which language to use.

I would also like to add support for the LANGUAGE style variable
listing several languages in priority order to be able to use other
translations if the primary translation is missing.  I want it to be
able to tell the system to use Norwegian Bokmål if present, and if it
isn't use Norwegian Nynorsk, Danish and as a last resort Swedish.
This way non-english speakers in Norway have a good chance of
understanding the installation.

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