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Re: tftpboot and install over net

> I tried to  install  debian 3.0 over ethernet per tftpd and dhcp.
> I   setup all  (dhcp, tftpd )  according to the manual.
> During the   boot over the ethernet network card ( PXE and dhcp, bootp)
> i get the error message "file is too big to fit in free base memory"
> while loading the  file tftpboot.img.

I had the same issue. After instaling syslinux on the tftp server and after
configuring pxelinux (which is part of syslinux I had the pleasure to see
the the ethernet card running pxelinux and then begin to try to download a
kernel. Unfortunatly I can't go further  : I begin to believe that I jumped
over important steps, like understanding what should reside in a rescue
floppy, or how to play with linux boot options :)

I'm happy to know that I'm not alone ;))
Viel SpaB, Bernhard.


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