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Re: Woody Installation

On Sun, Sep 08, 2002 at 07:06:34PM +0200, Axel Schlicht wrote:

> > You can choose kernels etc by choosing which CD to use.
> But then you have to know which kernel is on which CD. So here, too, a
> short note would be helpful (like kernel xxx on CD yyy)

It is described in the installation manual, which is on your CD set
and also available online at:

> > file bugs against modconf.
> How do I do this thru windoze? Some docs available?


> > | Loading modules:
> > | unix af_packet ne2k-pci ne2k-pci.c: v1.02 for Linux 2.2 ....
> > | ??? af_packet: what's that, who installed that?
> > packet socket, iirc.
> I don't want to use iirc, so can I delete it?

"iirc" = "if I remember correctly" = "wenn ich micht recht erinnnere"

You need both of the "unix" and "af_packet" modules, they provide
functionality that is needed by the installer.

> > | How do I find out how to find out how to find out any information on
> > | anything in Debian?
> > Read the docs?
> Where to find them (debian specific) if you don't know where to start
> looking.
> Serious question.

Look for example into /usr/share/doc/debian/FAQ/; if you do not have
that directory, install the package doc-debian.

A list of further documentation is available at

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