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Re: Anyone actually using autopartkit v0.2?

[Osamu Aoki]
> My wishlist ...
> Can these auto partition scheme includes a no-partition option with 
> following 1-2 steps 
>  1. creation of a large zero filled file in known FS (VFAT, NTFS?)
>  2. loop mounting it as ext2FS (even as rootFS)
>  (I am thinking booting from flash for notePC without repartitioning)
> Reason are:
>  Anticipated existance of new XP preloaded machine with NTFS
>  Create opportunity for low impact install for wider audience
>  Clandestine Linux install (avoid isuues with stupid corporate IT rule)

Sounds interesting, but none of these will make it into my todo list.
I hope someone else will implement them.  I could say "send patches",
but please wait until I've updated the Debian CVS with the new and
improved autopartkit. :-)

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