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Re: Anyone actually using autopartkit v0.2?

On Sun, Sep 01, 2002 at 09:38:01AM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Raphael Hertzog]
> > Duh ! It's not acceptable I think. A partitionner that kills
> > everything in your system is of use to a very limited set of
> > users. Questioning what part of the system it can take over is way
> > better.
> I know, but I'm still working on fixing it, and was just wondering if
> I should make our current version available for a larger audience.
> > Instead of merging both version, you may simply want to add that
> > feature in your autopartkit and then replace the one we have in CVS
> > ... :-)
> I'll continue doing this.  It just took more time than I expected when
> I started the merge.
> > And yes the autopartkit with the questions is used by the french
> > debian-educ distribution (in fact it was the old autopartkit for
> > parted 1.4 but it's almost the same code base).
> OK.
> Our autopartkit will use the "debian-installer/profile" cdebconf
> answer to choose a partitioning wish list from
> /etc/autopartkit/<profile>.table, and use this to partition the disk.
> It supports creating LVM partitions, and will in addition to this
> support all the file system types supported by libparted. It will also
> grab all available devices, clear the partition table and use these
> disks for automatic partitioning.  The wish lists contain mounting
> point, fstype, minimum and maximum partition sizes.  At the moment,
> only the minimum partition sizes are used, but I'm working on
> integrating an algorithm to fill all available space (up to the max
> requested size).
> Before our autopartkit will be an acceptable replacement for the
> version in Debian, I also need to add code to choose which device to
> use, code to shrink FAT partitions if there is insufficient free
> space, and avoid nuking all the partition tables if there is enough
> free space (and continue asking if it is ok to nuke the partition
> tables if there is to little space available)..

This sounds great :)

My wishlist ...

Can these auto partition scheme includes a no-partition option with 
following 1-2 steps 
 1. creation of a large zero filled file in known FS (VFAT, NTFS?)
 2. loop mounting it as ext2FS (even as rootFS)
 (I am thinking booting from flash for notePC without repartitioning)

Reason are:
 Anticipated existance of new XP preloaded machine with NTFS
 Create opportunity for low impact install for wider audience
 Clandestine Linux install (avoid isuues with stupid corporate IT rule)

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