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Re: Anyone actually using autopartkit v0.2?

[Raphael Hertzog]
> Duh ! It's not acceptable I think. A partitionner that kills
> everything in your system is of use to a very limited set of
> users. Questioning what part of the system it can take over is way
> better.

I know, but I'm still working on fixing it, and was just wondering if
I should make our current version available for a larger audience.

> Instead of merging both version, you may simply want to add that
> feature in your autopartkit and then replace the one we have in CVS
> ... :-)

I'll continue doing this.  It just took more time than I expected when
I started the merge.

> And yes the autopartkit with the questions is used by the french
> debian-educ distribution (in fact it was the old autopartkit for
> parted 1.4 but it's almost the same code base).


Our autopartkit will use the "debian-installer/profile" cdebconf
answer to choose a partitioning wish list from
/etc/autopartkit/<profile>.table, and use this to partition the disk.
It supports creating LVM partitions, and will in addition to this
support all the file system types supported by libparted. It will also
grab all available devices, clear the partition table and use these
disks for automatic partitioning.  The wish lists contain mounting
point, fstype, minimum and maximum partition sizes.  At the moment,
only the minimum partition sizes are used, but I'm working on
integrating an algorithm to fill all available space (up to the max
requested size).

Before our autopartkit will be an acceptable replacement for the
version in Debian, I also need to add code to choose which device to
use, code to shrink FAT partitions if there is insufficient free
space, and avoid nuking all the partition tables if there is enough
free space (and continue asking if it is ok to nuke the partition
tables if there is to little space available)..

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