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Re: dselect-beginner.txt

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 08:49:48PM +0200, Sven Hartrumpf wrote:
> First, let me thank the authors for a clear and informative document.
> I have some minor complaints:
> 0. Which versions of dselect are described?
> 1. The document contains no (visible) revision date.

This document was first put together in early '99, and has not been
frequently updated. It's safe to say that it refers to the dselect
available at that time, but that hasn't changed much either :-)

> 2. "Access - multi_cd" section:
>   "Insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive"
>   Judging from later statements, I would conclude that the first CD of the
>   set is meant. If this is correct, can we say that explicitly?

Sounds reasonable.

> 3. "Update" section:
>    Talks about "the mirror"; what is "the mirror" if one uses multi_cd as
>    Access method?

The mirror refers to the source for the software, you are correct.

> 4. "Select" section
>    "_R_ Cancels all selections at this level."
>    What does "this level" refer to?

If the highlight is on a 'header', then actions affect all the subs within 
the heading. 

> Greetings
> Sven
> P.S.
> Is the description of "Access - multi_cd" accurate for upgrades from 2.2r6   
> to 3.0r0? (i.e. with dselect, apt-get, dpkg from 2.2r6 packages)

Yes, the doc was written early in 2.2's life.

BTW, even though it wasn't judged ready to be included as default in
the new release, you will probably like aptitude much better. It's the
next generation of dselect, and acts much the same, but gives more

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