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First, let me thank the authors for a clear and informative document.

I have some minor complaints:

0. Which versions of dselect are described?

1. The document contains no (visible) revision date.

2. "Access - multi_cd" section:
  "Insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive"
  Judging from later statements, I would conclude that the first CD of the
  set is meant. If this is correct, can we say that explicitly?

3. "Update" section:
   Talks about "the mirror"; what is "the mirror" if one uses multi_cd as
   Access method?

4. "Select" section
   "_R_ Cancels all selections at this level."
   What does "this level" refer to?


Is the description of "Access - multi_cd" accurate for upgrades from 2.2r6   
to 3.0r0? (i.e. with dselect, apt-get, dpkg from 2.2r6 packages)

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