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Bug#156710: BOOT error on new install to Mac Performa 6360 PowerPC

On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 05:58:50AM -0700, Al Smith wrote:
> Restarting from scratch...
> I reset all the pram to factory defaults (Cmd+Opt+p+r
> ) before starting the install. 
> I completely repartitioned the drive. 
> 64k for the partion map (hda1 by default)
> / has remainder of 1.2g drive  (hda2) 
> 64m for swap.  (hda3)
> Booting from floopy, running the installer to accept
> most default options. I had completed all the steps
> (including a manual network driver) and after making
> the system bootable, I went to the (Alt+F2) command
> line.
> Used nvsetenv to alter input/output-device (one has to
> wonder why these commands are not part of the install
> or at the very least referenced in the instructions -
> I had to get to 2 web sites and not until I had done
> this a dozen times did I find nvsetenv over bootint to
> OF and using setenv after the install!)

On many of the early Macs, changes to input/output device
do not survive a reboot. And, it's difficult to document 
its usage since there are so many variations in Mac hardware.
NetBSD has done an admirable job of trying to collect all the
variations; but their install depends on a person getting
into OF first, so they have no need to talk about nvsetenv,
if indeed it exists in NetBSD Linux. 

> I left load-base at the original (40000 i believe).
> penguinPPC has notes that this may need to be set to
> 100000 which is why I had altered it to begin with.
> netBSD has notes to set it to 600000.
> Still get the CLAIM failed on boot.

> Where to go next...
> Is there a minimum RAM requirement for this system/OS?

For woody you will need 12M; but you're not there yet.
quik, I believe, might assume 8M is available.

> Should I alter the amount of swap made available?

Not affecting this issue

> does the IDE drive need to be replaced with a SCSI
> drive as the boot drive?

Well, if you have an external SCSI, it would at least 
be something different to try. But it should work on either.

> Can anyone reference the "CLAIM failed" error message
> in the source code to explain when this wil be
> returned?

CLAIM Failed is sorta like a Dr Watson message from OF.
It just means that it couldn't allocate memory for an 
operation, and there could be any number of reasons.

> Has anyone ever installed a 6360 and lived to tell
> about it? 

As I mentioned before, try searching the list archives for Performa. 
You can't search for 6360 because the indexing software doesn't index
numbers. But when I searched debian-powerpc for the last five quarters
on performa, I got around 60 hits, and just leafing through them it 
looked like about half involved the 6360 specifically. 

I had verified there were hits before when I suggested it, but it's
up to you to go through them and see if there's something pertinent.

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