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Bug#156710: BOOT error on new install to Mac Performa 6360 PowerPC

Restarting from scratch...

I reset all the pram to factory defaults (Cmd+Opt+p+r
) before starting the install. 

I completely repartitioned the drive. 
64k for the partion map (hda1 by default)
/ has remainder of 1.2g drive  (hda2) 
64m for swap.  (hda3)

Booting from floopy, running the installer to accept
most default options. I had completed all the steps
(including a manual network driver) and after making
the system bootable, I went to the (Alt+F2) command

Used nvsetenv to alter input/output-device (one has to
wonder why these commands are not part of the install
or at the very least referenced in the instructions -
I had to get to 2 web sites and not until I had done
this a dozen times did I find nvsetenv over bootint to
OF and using setenv after the install!)

I left load-base at the original (40000 i believe).
penguinPPC has notes that this may need to be set to
100000 which is why I had altered it to begin with.
netBSD has notes to set it to 600000.

Still get the CLAIM failed on boot.

Where to go next...
Is there a minimum RAM requirement for this system/OS?
Should I alter the amount of swap made available?
does the IDE drive need to be replaced with a SCSI
drive as the boot drive?
Can anyone reference the "CLAIM failed" error message
in the source code to explain when this wil be
Has anyone ever installed a 6360 and lived to tell
about it? 

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