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Re: cvs commit to mklibs by dwhedon

On Thu Aug 08, 2002 at 07:39:09PM -0700, Debian Boot CVS Master wrote:
> Repository: mklibs
> who:        dwhedon
> time:       Thu Aug  8 19:39:09 PDT 2002
> Log Message:
>   +  * Ensure that the dynamic linker is installed along with the small
>   +    libs.  In the case of glibc, libc.so has calls into ld-linux.so
>   +    (glibc dynamic linker) so mklibs will always install ld-linux.so
>   +    when it resolves external references.  However, uClibc's libc
>   +    doesn't call it's dynamic linker (ld-uClibc.so).  In that case
>   +    we have to copy it in manually.

Our of curiosity, which version of uClibc are you working with?
uClibc does cause apps to link vs the dynamic linker these days.
Are you using the 6 month old stuff from Woody?


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