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debian-installer status -- 2002-07-29

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This is the first status report for debian-installer (d-i).  I will
try to post those statuses about once a month.

d-i was supposed to be the installer for woody.  We thought that woody
was to release earlier than it did and so we decided to go with
boot-floppies for yet another release.  Boot-floppies are now
officially dead and buried and will not be used for sarge.
Debian-installer will, maybe in combination with PGI.

Joey Hess started the d-i effort approximately Jan 4th 2000.  It moved
to cvs.debian.org six months later.  After the decision to use
boot-floppies for woody, d-i was mostly dormant except for some work
by Raphael Hertzog and later me.  Joey asked if I could take over
responsibility for d-i, which I accepted.

What is the current status of d-i?  It works for users on i386 if you
tell them what buttons they are supposed to press.  What I would like
to get in place as soon as possible is fixing cdebconf so it actually
works again.  Then, we need some more partition tools; there has been
some discussion on debian-boot regarding it but no final decision has
been reached, though several solutions have been presented.

Anthony Towns has written some things regarding autobuilding in his
woody summary mail to debian-project.  I think that getting that
autobuilders up and running is very important.  Integration with
debian-cd (so that we can do full-scale testing) is important, but
some patches are available there.  Porting to other arches is of
utmost importance if debian-installer is to be the success we want it
to be.

So, to round this up, the current issue list is:
- - unbreak cdebconf
- - partitioner
- - multiple arch support

Comments, help and code is, as always, welcome.

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