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Bug#149698: Dell 2650 & Debian boot

#include <hallo.h>
Stephane Leclerc wrote on Tue Jun 25, 2002 um 12:57:43PM:

> My request is for the community. I received since a week many messages from
> Debian users that are not able to do this and want to use their 2650 with
> Debian instead of the Dell recommended RedHat distribution!!! I can't pass
> all my time to answer them.
> Sorry, but I think to be of the Debian Boot Team responsibility to build a
> working set of floppies, and better a cdrom. Not me.

Okay, but we cannot make yet another flavor for every system that is not
supported perfectly by the installation kernel only. We would end up
with dozen of different flavors, that have all to be maintainerd by

The preload disk is there to make the installation be possible at all.
The users have just more luck if RedHat does detect the controller and
load the module automaticaly. Debian does not do hardware detection by
default, so the user have to preload the modules manually. If you wanna
help such users, prepare a preload floppy with needed modules put it
somewhere on the web.

"stupidity should be painful"    (Neil C. Obremski)

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